Price list of classic massage

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Intuitive massage

It perfectly relaxes your muscles and joints and will rid you of any pain or discomfort. In addition, under the skilful hands of our masseurs, you can easily forget all your worries and leave it all to us.


50 minutes 1200 CZK
Lava stones massage

Balance your body with this ancient treatment Hot lava stones divert negative energy from your body, relieve you of pain, relax your head and stimulate acupressure points.

50 minutes 1500 CZK
Aroma massage

A relaxing massage using healing essential oils. Thanks to pleasant, gentle, long strokes, the body slowly relaxes, and you fall deeper into the depths of self-perception while breathing in invigorating, soothing scents of various essential oils.

50 minutes 1450 CZK
Physio massage

Physio massage is specific massage type aimed at eliminating pain and locomotor system muscle dysbalances the with a view to preventing injuries and improving the individual’s physical performance. This service also includes application of kinesiology tapes to correct specific musculoskeletal defects.

50 minutes 1200 CZK
Chocolate massage

The effect of chocolate on our taste buds has long been established, but during this massage, you will also get to experience its positive effect on the body and mind. Thanks to a large number of antioxidants and vitamin E, chocolate butter also has a great anti-cellulite effect, tones and moisturises. The combination of lava stones and chocolate butter will give your body and skin the relaxation and nutrition it craves. This sweet luxury is an experience you will want to repeat again and again.

50 minutes 1600 CZK
Facial and décolleté massage

It will brighten your day as well as your skin thanks to its relaxing and regenerating properties. This is a unique opportunity where, with the use of touch, you will not only forget about your daily concerns, but also soften and tighten your skin and relax the stressed muscles of the neck and facial area.

50 minutes 1300 CZK
Foot massage

Is necessary from time to time and can be very pleasant and useful. A gentle massage of the lower limbs will help tired and swollen legs.

50 minutes 1400 CZK
Ritual of five elements

It is a sensitive and gentle way to calm the scattered mind, relax a stressed body and enliven the beneficial energies that bring subsequent recovery to your body and mind.


50 minutes 1450 CZK
Full body peel

Peeling is an important part of skin care, it accelerates the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin, it is a suitable procedure for detoxifying the body and aids in the fight against cellulite.

50 minutes 1700 CZK
Lomi Lomi

The aim of the massage is perfect relaxation that brings on a feeling of calm and eases muscle tension. In this Hawaiian massage, the whole body is not only massaged with the palms and fingers, but primarily with the entire forearm.

50 minutes 1600 CZK
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